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Ebb and Flow

What’s that old cliche? “Guns don’t kill people…people kill people.” Cliches are overused for a reason. More often than not, they’re true.

As I ponder all of the transitions occurring in my life, including transitions of past, current transitions, transitions I hope to one day make, in addition to questioning transitions that I should or shouldn’t make, I notice how the city in which I live seems to be going through a similar state of being. It seems that it doesn’t know (or know how) to move three steps forward without taking five steps back.And as I move forward, there are those people telling me that I am moving back. When I take steps that I see as holding me back, others are pushing me towards these steps…like a hesistant participant…blindfolded by others, but eyes wide open still…wondering as the cliff gets nearer and nearer if there will be a landing when I get there. Or will I fall? Or will I fly?

And who will be there when I do get to that other side? Or better yet, does it even matter?

Great things are happening in this city. A brand new soccer stadium, in which the first game will take place today. Of course though the team apparently couldn’t be named after the town in which it will be playing in…that wouldn’t have the same draw, now would it? Being born and raised in Philly, I am a Philly girl through and through. Love the city just as much (if not more than) anyone else. But it’s dissapoints me greatly that the worldwide team which will play in this city’s new digs is called the PHILADELPHIA Union. And “Union”? Don’t get me started on that one!

Be that is it may, union is definitely what this city needs now. And there are those willing to answer that call. Inspiration bleeds in and out of the city parallel to the bloodshed of it’s senseless victims. A true tug of war. Which battle will people be talking about when the war is over? What will be blasted on the news mainly for people looking from outside of the city limits to see? Or choose to see? Look a little deeper. Take the blindfold off and open your eyes. Instead of pushing people away, push them TOWARDS forward movement. And what they see is THEIR forward movement.

I for one feel the city’s crossroads. Yes there will be the ones who choose to harp on every particular trait that they consider a fault. But there will also be the ones who desire to lift you up, out, and over to the other side. I pledge to do my best to do that for you Chester. Because what REALLY matters ultimately is that whatever happens, good, bad or indifferent, you follow the path that the Creator destined for you to take. And I am here with you to do just that.

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