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8 Weeks to Go

8 weeks.

8 weeks until my “new normal”.

8 weeks until I can breathe a different kind of breath…

8 weeks.

8 weeks of grinding, toiling, late nights and early mornings as a capstone.

A capstone watered by tears and new beginnings. New beginnings and closed chapters.

8 weeks of moving forward down the path… a path… a journey… of rest and renewal.

8 weeks.

8 weeks of continuous goodbyes while saying “Hello”.

Hello to a different kind of future.

Hello to forging paths ahead.

Hello to taking a leap, and then finding the wings and wind to sustain.

8 weeks.

8 weeks to closing a decade of service and a mountain of love.

8 weeks until the tomorrows look vastly different from the yesterdays.

8 Weeks to Go.

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